JumpGizmo was born after a few terrible products that I bought from an online shop, which did not allow customers to share their opinions on the products they purchased. Because I felt that others should know whether a specific trampoline is good or not, I decided to take action and thus this website was born.

Because I have had my fair share of purchases throughout the years, I believe that I can objectively review a product that comes to my attention and let everyone else know about the ups and downs of such gizmos (as I like to call them).

Because testing trampolines can be quite a tedious task, I have asked one of my friends to help me along the way.Her name is Sarah and she will be my sidekick for a while.


steve avatarI’m Steve, the founder and chief editor of JumpGizmo, and I created the project with the purpose of helping others to decide on what is the best trampoline for them based on my own experiences.

This website is called JumpGizmo because I think that trampolines are both gizmos (short from gadgets) for workout or fitness but also for having fun at the same time. The other part of the website’s name is pretty much obvious – you have to jump.



sarah avatarSarah, my main editor, is actually one of my friends from college who decided to join the project and help me turn JumpGizmo into something that offers true value to its readers.

Sarah will share her own reviews on trampolines that she buys, no matter if the products turn out to be great or not.

From time to time, our readers send us their own reviews or comments via email, so it is likely that you will find articles posted here under other names as well.