Buying the right toddler trampoline

I was browsing through the sport and outdoors items at one of the local shops when I was approached by a dad with his young fellow. He was pointing at a bunch of toddler rebounders and asked me if by any chance I know which one is right for his kid. I don’t know why he picked me exactly, but I answered him that manufacturers usually write on the box the age they are designed for.

Yes, my answer was pretty obvious but sometimes you need other people to show you the obvious facts. After pondering a while on his question, I thought that this would be a good opportunity to detail a bit what is a toddler trampoline and how can it be actually identified other than what’s written on the box.

Even though some parents consider that children and such exercise items don’t go hand in hand, the truth is that risks are quite low thanks to a number of safety and manufacturing standards that were put in place. Sure, accidents can always happen but as long as the risk is minimized by addressing safety issues that might occur when using the product, customers will be happy.

trampoline for toddler

trampoline for toddler

What’s really good if you decide to buy one for your youngsters, is the fact that while they will burn off the extra energy, your couch or bed will be safe from being ruined by the up and down jumps.

There are a lot of versions to choose from if you’d like to purchase a junior trampoline, so picking the right one for your family is not an easy task. Among the most spread features is the age requirement, which can range from 6 months to 3 years old.

What this means is that you can buy one only months after the baby’s birth and use it for a few years onwards. This type usually comes with a handle bar that’s easy to grip no matter what age they are.

Thanks to this very neat feature, children can learn very easily how to grab onto stuff to keep their balance while jumping. Once they figure this out, you’ll immediately notice a big smile on their face. Another benefit of using a mini trampoline for kids is the fact that they will no longer have trouble sleeping.

Here are some trampolines that you can buy for your little one!

Safety and age requirements are the most important to look for

The amount of energy used to perform those jumps is really high, which translates into less worries for you. Sometimes, when they get tired they won’t even bother getting back up and they’ll want to take a nap right on the mat.

Even though the age requirements are quite large and permissive, I’ve seen cases where older kids still use baby trampolines for their fun when in fact it is not appropriate to do so. I’m saying this because in this case, injuries can happen because it may not hold so well if the weight of the person jumping is higher than the allowed limit.

This is why I’d like to recommend you to check once in a while what were the limits on the toddler springboard that was purchased a couple of years ago. Preventing is a lot easier than fixing, so safety is always first.

Another safety measure that should be followed with children’s trampoline is to have adult supervision all the time. Moreover, you should place the product far away from anything that might hurt them while having fun. It’s best to not have any sharp ends or furniture near their jump area, in case they fall off.

mini trampoline with safety enclosure

mini trampoline with safety enclosure

Some manufacturers offer cushions as accessories, which can be placed around it to make the activity even safer so make sure that you add them to your list if you want the whole pack. As they grow older, they will be distracted when they use it by other things like the TV so make sure that you remember them to grab the handle bar.

If you want even further protection for the little ones, you can buy a child trampoline that comes with a safety net, known as an enclosure. They are usually more expensive than the basic ones, but these are built out of stretch resistant materials, preventing them from falling off and getting injured.

I am aware that I have not reinvented the wheel on how to purchase toddler rebounders, but I hope that I’ve made you remember some key points that must be taken into consideration when you’re considering buying one.

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