JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 220

If you’re a person like me, who does not want to go out for a run in those cold early mornings you might consider buying this rebounder. Before purchasing one I investigated a bit on what are the advantages and disadvantages of going down this route.

One of my biggest concerns was on whether the money you pay for it are worth it or not. To be honest there aren’t that many reviews about this particular model or about other in its class for that matter. This meant that I only had the specs found on the manufacturer’s website and use them to decide if I should purchase it or not.

Well, guess what? I ended up buying it and I’m very impressed about the product. This way, I can do a bit of exercise indoors whenever the weather is bad which makes the couple of hundred dollars I spent on it put to good use.


Product details

–          The Fitness trampoline is designed to be used at home thanks to a silent flex bounce system;
–          The low impact workout helps tone your body with a variety of exercises;
–          It has total footprint of 42 inches including the arched legs, with a jumping mat size of 32.5 inches;
–          The maximum weight supported is 250 pounds
–          The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, five years for the mat and two years for the elastic cords;
–          Comes with patented EnduroLast elastic cords;
–          Silent Permatron jumping mat;
–          The frame has a height of 12.5 inches;
–          Improved stability and safety thanks to six arched and solid legs;
–          Free Fitness DVD included in the package;

Benefits of using the JumpSport Fitness model 220 rebounder

–           You can burn a lot of calories really fast, toning your whole body;
–            Helps improve your balance under certain conditions;
–            You can create an excellent cardio exercises routine;

You can use the DVD included in the box to perform the following exercises: stretch and warm-up, cardio exercises  upper body, core and strength. An advantage of using this product is the fact that it is quite durable and will outperform the conventional ones based on steel spring coils. Also, you can use it to work out even at night time without bothering your neighbors because it does not make a lot of noise.

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The JumpSport Fitness model 220 springboard has a very sleek and elegant look, with a black frame and arched black legs. In combination with the mat which covers partially the proprietary EnduroLife2 cords, offers a very nice design overall. The technology used to manufacture it, allow for an exceptionally smooth and silent bounces for anyone using it.

Safety and stability are achieved by using a patented frame chassis, which is a lot higher than with conventional straight legs. In addition, the design also makes it easy to store multiple units by stacking one on top of the other or to perform a wide variety of exercises. A feature which could come in handy for fitness gym owners.

Assembly details for this trampoline

The JumpSport Fitness model 220 jumper is easy to mount because it requires you to only attach the legs to the frame. The body of the rebounder comes assembled straight from the factory and using the tools included it should not take you longer than ten minutes to put everything together.

Because the elastic shock cords were assembled to the frame by the manufacturer, this guarantees a firm and good bounce when using it. In addition to this, the jumps are really quiet.

What do customers think?

JumpSport fitness trampoline rating is 4.6 stars out of 5, which makes it a good recommendation. Below you can read some opinions, from those who have purchased it.


Alyssa is someone who likes to do exercises quite often so she bought quite a handful of rebounders. While some where as cheap as $20 dollars, others were as high as $600 like the ones from Belicon. After viewing some videos online, she was eager to find out if a product with reasonable price can perform well. She immediately ordered a unit and has been working out intensively ever since.

Sharon from Mountain View, California, says that it is very sturdy and easy to use than the one found in gyms. Even though it can occupy quite a large chunk of room space, it comes in handy for her whenever she wants to perform a short work-out.

Seeker, from New England this time received one for Christmas from her husband, making it one of the best presents ever. Now she’s able to do some workout in order to increase her heart rate and endurance to effort. The product is light in terms of weight, so she can move it anywhere in the room.

Don’t wait anymore and get your silent and cheap indoor trampoline at an unbeatable price.

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