Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline

After going through several rebounders for the past two years, I think that I’ve found the one which offers the best bang (or jump) for my bucks. The Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline has an unbeatable price if you want a very simple and basic way to burn off some energy.

Even though this model does not make a very good first impression, once you assemble it and start using it you will realize that it does the job very well. It is a product designed to let you jump as much as you like, at a cost that is reasonable.
I am aware of the fact that other manufacturers offer alternatives with a better frame, with a safety net and so on, but those are considerably more expensive even though they have the same purpose.


Product specifications for Pure Fun rebounder

–          made for outdoor use
–          comes with an iron steel tubing, which is strong, galvanized and rust resistant based on a patented T-Section manufacturing process
–          high stability of the structure offered by the secure fit assembly of the T-Section
–          eight contact points with the ground thanks to W-shaped legs, preventing the frame to wobble or tip over
–          no drilling or tools required to assemble the 88 spring based 14 foot Pure Fun rebounder, other than the patented tool inside the packaging
–          two year warranty from the manufacturer is included
–          ASTM safety requirements passed and certified by independent laboratory
–          deep and exciting bounce thanks to high performance steel springs
–          it comes with Polypro jump pads and foam protected rail padding

Product details

What is really great about the Pure Fun 14 foot jumper is the fact that it is manufactured using an iron steel tubing which is galvanized, strong and rust resistant. Moreover, the T-Section construction process patented by the manufacturer offers a safer and long lasting build quality. As a result, the whole setup has a good stability which means an increased safety for the life of those using it and also for the product.

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The item has contact with the ground in eight points, all thanks to the W shaped legs. The 88 springs will offer a very good and deep bounce when in use, which means more joy for parents and their children. This model comes with a weather resistant mat, along with a PVC frame cover. The rail padding covering the springs consists of thick foam, in order to increase the landing area and offer extra protection.

In terms of weight capacity, the total weight allowed should always be under 250 pounds in order to match the ASTM safety certification. Among the best features is the fact that the manufacturer will offer a two year warranty to customers, against any defects found regarding the materials used and workmanship.

Assembly details

Unlike other springboards, this one is not an easy does it type requiring you to follow the steps described in the manual. By doing this an adult should be able to put all things together within 45-60 minutes without any problem.

What are the customers thinking?

As this is a valuable product that one must have in the back yard, it received a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. The reviews from customers who already bought the item, prove that this is a really good trampoline.


Tstof, a random buyer, says that it has a great value for the money and that it can be easily put together in 45 minutes, with the help of his children. His family has been using the item for a few weeks intensively and the frame is as good as it was in the first day. He recommends it highly to others.

Jack from all Trades from Marietta, GA bought the item and mentioned that he did not encounter any assembly problems and that it works as advertised. He suggests others to not waste any more time and purchase this one if they don’t have a springboard yet.

Gamblegirl was searching for a good price on Pure Fun trampolines and found this one to be the best. She did not think too much and decided to buy it considering that it comes with free shipping. The tool which comes in the package was all that her husband needed to mount the setup for their kids.

Don’t overthink this purchase and head on over below for more details.

Click here to open the Pure Fun jumper product page.

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