Pure Fun 9012TS 12′ Trampoline and Enclosure Set

Like you’ve probably noticed by now, I have gone through a lot of jumpers before sticking to a particular model. A while ago I found an offer for this one online, at a very good price so I decided to give it a go. At first I was hesitant because I read some reviews about a not so great build quality. Considering that this was actually a very cheap option, I have to say that those comments don’t do it much justice.

It has a solid construction, pretty similar to the one found on other models from the same price range. If you go down to your local Walmart and such, it is very likely that you’re going to find others who look a lot cheaper built than this Pure Fun 9012TS 12” trampoline.

The most important aspect about it is the fact that the kids absolutely love it. What’s also great about it is the fact that I know they are safe thanks to the net enclosure that comes with it.

Product details for the trampoline

–          The frame is made out of 1.5mm galvanized iron steel tubing, rust resistant;
–          Thanks to a patented T-joint technology, no welds are required to construct the frame;
–          The jump mat is made in the USA using Pure Fun’s own Polypro technology;
–          The safety net surrounding the Pure Fun 9012TS 12 foot rebounder is a mesh UV resistant fabric;
–          It can handle a total weight of up to 250 pounds at once;
–          Manufacturer offers a two year warranty for materials used and for workmanship;

Using their own technology, Pure Fun has created a frame which lasts longer than conventional welded ones and which is a lot safer for those using it. Thanks to a very secure fit of the T-Section assembly, the manufacturers obtained a secure and safe build, which prevents it from shifting or tipping over.

This was achieved also by using the patented W-shaped legs, which are in contact with the ground in eight points. Thus, you will not have to worry about it wobbling or moving around. When in use, the jumps are really deep and exciting because of the high performance steel springs which were chosen to equip this model.

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A proof that the Pure Fun 9012TS 12′ jumper has a good build quality is the certification it received for passing the ASTM, TUV and GS quality and safety standards.

Because it was designed to be used out-doors, the jumping mat, the PVC frame cover and the rail pad covering the springs are weather resistant. Moreover, the fabric which was used to manufacture them along with the thick foam found in the rails offer an extra protection and increase the zone where you are going to land.

Assembly details

Using the proprietary tools found inside the package, an average user should be able to assemble all the parts together in approximately one hour. Without requiring other tools or to drill any holes, you only have to follow the instructions and make sure you align the holes for the springs. In order to assemble them easily, they must face the correct direction when connecting the uprights. To avoid the tightening of the mat, you should alternate the sides when attaching the springs.

The Pure Fun 9012TS 12 foot jumper features a very good net which was sewed-in, making it quite elastic and safe at the same time. It is connected to the leg poles using a few steel clamp connectors, so parents should not worry about it coming off.

The safety nets doubles also as a UV protection cover for children using it and moreover, thanks to a zip feature, they can get in and out quite easily.

Here’s what others are saying

The PureFun 9012TS 12” trampoline rating is 4.1 stars out of five, which makes it a highly recommended product that you should consider purchasing. Below you can read what other buyers think of it.


Paul, location not disclosed, wrote that it was shipped really fast by the store and that it has good build quality, despite what others said before. Because it was really easy to assemble the 50 springs, made out of stainless steel, his daughter was able to use it the very same day that it was received. He also is really impressed about how cheap it is on Amazon and will also buy a ladder accessory.

Chris Moening bought the 9012TS 12 foot rebounder and is really impressed on how solid and easy to put together is. He noticed that the pad covering the outside tube moves sometimes when it’s used. Also there’s a bit of noise made by the springs when jumping, but he does not consider this to be a major issue with the product. All in all, he is really satisfied with his purchase and the price paid for it.

Lee bought a 14 foot springboard from the same manufacturer, but they had to downsize to a smaller one due to less room in their backyard. The previous model did its job very well, holding up good over the years so this was the main reason why he decided to buy a Pure Fun 9012TS 12 foot trampoline enclosure. In terms of skills required to put all the pieces together, he writes that it should not be any difficult than doing a jigsaw puzzle or one of his children’s Lego toy.

As you can see above, others have already bought the product and are jumping on it as we speak. Don’t wait any longer and checkout the product details page below.

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