Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net

After seeing what I bought for my kids last month, a friend of mine decided that he should also invest on a rebounder for his back yard. What made the purchase a bit difficult was the fact that he does not have much space there. To make it even harder, the small size meant that he will have to go for one which costs quite a lot of money.

This meant that he had only a few model to choose from but luckily he managed to find the Ultega Jumper which is 12 Feet in diameter, at a very reasonable price, fitting right in the tight space. In order to make it easier for his kids to climb on it, he also bought the ladder that comes as an accessory to it.

Product details for the Ultega trampoline

–          Durable UV resistant mat 10-feet in size, with full on safety net for the whole diameter;
–          Frame base made out of galvanized steel tubing;
–          Holds a maximum weight capacity of 440 pounds and has a height of 6 feet;
–          Under the protection cover it has 72 springs which make jumping fun and exciting;
–          It complies with the German TUV safety standard;
–          A two-year warranty is offered by the manufacturer;


Thanks to the 4 galvanized steel legs that come with it, the risk of tipping it over is significantly reduced contributing to an increased safety. In addition to this, the rods of the net are covered with a padding all across their length, to protect those jumping on it.

With the Ultega Jumper trampoline enclosure surrounding it, once hopping on it anyone can enjoy and use all of its size for the jumps. Because the outer net is mate out of a durable and fine material, it prevents things from getting trapped or caught.

Read here more details about the safety and build quality of Ultega Jumper!

What most people don’t know or don’t realize at first, is that there are two reasons why anyone should consider buying this product. What I mean by this is that it offers a lot of amusement and fun to those jumping on it, be it children or adults, but at the same time it can have a beneficial effect on your health.

If used for a couple of times per week, it will provide a very efficient cardiovascular workout which fits in the same category as an extended jogging session.

Assembly details

In the box you will find two sets of instructions: one is for the body frame while the other is intended to assist you mounting the poles and the Ultega Jumper safety net. The nuts and bolts packaged with the product will be used for the second part.

As with any other product from this category, the two part assembly process should not take any longer than 90 minutes, without requiring any help from a technician.

What are the customers saying?

The Ultega Jumper trampoline rating is four stars based on the buyer’s feedback. You can read some of them below.


Sykker, who bought it not so long ago says that there wasn’t any other product which could beat the $300+ price tag, considering the fact that it offers increased safety to those using it thanks to the net enclosure. Moreover, he is highly impressed by the manufacturer’s customer support and by the item’s overall design and build quality.

Michele, from Folsom, California found it to be easy to setup by her husband in approximately one hour. They bought the Ultega 12 feet rebounder because it is able to handle a lot of weight. When both of them used it with their kids at the same time, it felt quite secure and sturdy.

Susannah, living in Salt Lake City also highly recommends it. After going through a lot of reviews for other trampolines, she decided to buy this one for her two kids age 5 and 7. The assembly process was spot on and took 30 minutes for the frame and almost the same for the safety net.

The best price in its class and a high weight capacity make this product a true bargain. You should stop searching and get one now!

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